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Spring to Beijing to see the exhibition Xinlihua waiting for you at China Glass Exhibition


Spring is just right, want to travel, right? Don't worry, where do you want to go? If you really can't think of it, Xiaobian suggests that you come to Beijing. Visit Chang'an Street, board the ancient city tower, and experience the ancient and modern of the emperor's capital!


If you are a glass circle person, there are even more surprises waiting for you. Here is the 28th International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition - Beijing International Exhibition Center (New Hall), you can enjoy the glass circle feast on 24-27th!


In order to welcome you, we are also building a warm booth, so that you can get a different mood in W1-301.


Do you think this is enough? No, maybe in W1-301, there are products that will make you feel shocked and show you new business opportunities.

Come to Beijing to see the exhibition in the spring, give you a trip to Beijing with a full-hearted and commemorative meaning!

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