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About us  Focus on Chemist Since 1984


Tianjin Xin Lihua Color Materials Co., Ltd (NBC), founded in 1984, is the market leader of mirror and glass coating material in China.

Over the years, the results of our research are continuously converted into patent and new technology, due to our heavy investment in research and development. It makes us and our customers always in the frontier in this industry. This influence not only can optimize production process and reduce manufacturing cost, but also improve the quality of the products to a higher level.

Meanwhile, because we are persistently pursuing better quality and reliable partnership, we have profound knowledge and deep understanding in this field, as well as abundant on-site experiences, which makes our brand ELITE become the first choice among the major mirror manufactures in China.

Our main products are aluminium mirror paint, copper/copper free silver mirror paint, glass backing paint, coil coating, electrophoretic coating, automobile coating, water-base resin, etc. We own the intellectual property rights and possess the core technology of all these products which are sold to more than 30 countries around the world.

Mission、Vision、Core Values


Mission: delight the customer, prettify the world

Near-term Vision: become the leader in global mirror coating industry

Long-term Vision: become the leading brand in global special industrial coating field

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